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Why come to us?

Registered and licensed to pierce

You can be assured of the safest body piercing environment by our highly experienced staff. We’ve been piercing for over 55 years and to us “Experience Counts“.

1/. We pierce all areas above the Waistline/Belt plus the Christina piercing.

2/. Piercings start from £16 (gun piercing of the lobe & white stainless steel stud)

3/. Daith Piercing starts from £27 (needle piercing & titanium ring)

4/. We are no longer doing the Snake Eye Piercing (across the tongue)

5/. Body Piercing – Ear Piercing – Nose Piercing

6/. Private Hygienic Piercing Rooms

Piercing | Kara Gloucester
Kara Gloucester for Piercing

So why come to us?

1/. Premises Local Authority Registered and checked
2/. Each Piercer Local Authority Licensed
3/. Fully insured
4/. Private sterile piercing rooms
5/. Autoclave/Sterilizer on display
6/. Jewellery “EU Nickel Directive” compliant
7/. Very large selection of Jewellery
8/. Aftercare given 24/7 – we are here for you after your piercing
9/. Experienced and caring, advice continues after you have had your piercing.

Piercing for Children

For children we offer the ability to pierce both ears at the same time with two piercers.

Great for young children who might not want the other ear done if they’re pierced individually.

“Call in and see our large range of jewellery and the latest in body piercing”